This page was last updated: March 2, 2018
Linocut Block Prints
Mono Prints and Lithographs
Alexandra Heintzelman Sharma
Each of these images is an original print.  To create an image with a linoleum block requires a controlled carving away process wherein one must imagine the reverse image and carve away all areas that are to be left white.  The remaining block surface receives the ink and an original relief print is created.  These editions vary from 20 to 50 images from each block.
Native Peoples Series
Prices include matting (all mats are acid free museum quality); if framing is included it will be noted. Shipping is extra.
Summer Marsh
monoprint, 9x13"
Summer Marsh 2
monoprint, 9x12"
Red Shirt
lino cut, 6x5", edition 25
Quannah Parker
lino cut, 71/2x5", edition 50
Red Cloud
lino cut, 51/2x4", edition 50
Chief Many Coups
Lino cut, 61/2x5, edition 50
Little Big Man
lino cut, 61/2x41/2", edition 20
Sitting Bull
lino cut, 5x91/2", edition 20
White Horse
lino cut, 5x8", edition 20
At the Window
lino cut, 41/2x6",edition 30
The Water Boy
lino cut, 5x61/2", edition 30
California Dreaming
lino cut, 8x9", edition 30
Tiger and the Lady
lino cut, 5x6", edition 50
Madonna and Child
lino cut, 9 x 6", ed. 30
And Night Becomes the Day
lino cut, 9x8", edition 50
Mono prints are created by painting on a sheet of plexiglass and transferring the painted image to paper by passing the plate through a press.  The result is a single printed image--hence the name, mono print.